How do you capture the motion of life forms in static media? Ask six Yorkshire artists to respond at Blossom Street Gallery

Tim Pearce’s poster artwork for Life Forms In Motion at Blossom Street Gallery, York

SIX Yorkshire artists are giving six individual responses to the challenge of interpreting the motion of life forms in a range of static media at Blossom Street Gallery, Blossom Street, York. In a nutshell, time and space condensed into single, dynamic images.

Taking part in Life Forms In Motion are Tim Pearce, painting and sculpture; Cathy Denford, painting; Jo Ruth, printmaking; Adrienne French, painting; Mandy Long, ceramic sculpture, and Lesley Peatfield, photography.

“Fascinatingly, it is the relative scarcity of practitioners working in contemporary fine art who specialise in subject matter that springs from the realms of sport, dance, music and wildlife that makes this exhibition so fresh and original,” says Tim.

Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm; Sundays, 10am to 3pm.

Ceramic sculptures by Mandy Long at Blossom Street Gallery