Micklegate and Fossgate Social dig digital media in Foto/Grafic’s Human After All show

Flourish, by Bobbi Rae

TWO sister York bars that “show a bit of art every now and then championing local and innovative creativity” are present Foto/Grafic’s group show until November 27.

On show at Micklegate Social, Micklegate, and Fossgate Social, Fossgate, Human After All features digital-media artwork by fledgling artists in celebration of their “leap from physical earthbound creations to the stratosphere of the unlimited digital toolbox”.

The bars’ exhibition organiser, Guadalupe Gómez Montoya, says: “For this exhibition, we’ve brought together young graphic designers, film animators and digital artists in their early careers with distinct aesthetics but a similar way of creating their art.

Brain Storm, screen print, by Adam Pointer

“Even though the techniques might have developed and adapted to the type of culture we live in, we are still human: the themes, ideas and art we consume come from the same feelings, thoughts and people.”

Yorkshire “one-woman show” Bobbi Rae is a designer and maker who aims to bring joy to all ages. “You’ll usually find her drawing away in her studio, out painting a mural, or at one of the many independent art markets in and around Leeds,” says Guada. 
Bobbi studied textile design at Leeds University and worked in graphic design for a few years before graduating with a first-class MA in 2017. She has since worked with heaps of Yorkshire and national clients and presented her work at exhibitions around the UK. To find out more, head to portfolio.bobbirae.co.uk or visit her shop at bobbirae.co.uk.

Artwork by Ale Anguita in the Human After All exhibition

Artist and designer Adam Pointer lives and works in Newcastle, where his work takes a playful look inside the mind, “capturing the manic anxiety, shifting emotion and colourful chaos that lies within”. Dig deeper at adampointer.com or via Instagram, @adampointerart.

Ale Anguita, a Madrid animator now based in London, graduated in 2015 in Fine Arts at Madrid Complutense University and did an MA in Character Animation at Central St Martins, London, leading to work on several big projects, such as with the London Royal Opera House. Visit her on Instagram @alexanguita_art to discover what she is working on.

Aaron Whitaker, a designer, illustrator and photographer from the Endless Collective and a DJ to boot, likes to explore “the creatures that live under the rock of consciousness and out of time’s set momentum”. Check out his design artwork on Instagram at @northern_palm_trees and @endlessvisual.

Aaron Whitaker: Exhibiting in Foto/Grafic’s Human After All show