Happy Hour is here for the first time as Jaackmaate’s podcasters head to York Barbican in February on Round Sheep Tour

Jaackmaate and his maates…and a sheep

JAACKMAATE’S Happy Hour podcast’s debut British travels on The Round Sheep Tour will take in York Barbican on February 8 2023.

Tickets for the only Yorkshire show of the 12-date itinerary will go on sale on Friday (25/11/2022) at 11am at www.HappyHourLive.co.uk

Presented by Jack “JaackMaate” Dean, Stevie White and Robbie Knox, the award-winning Happy Hour is Spotify’s most popular British podcast, regularly topping the Most Listened To charts.

Presented by Phil McIntyre Live, Happy Hour Live will feature shenanigans and fan favourites aplenty, from Martin the Guinea Pig Centipede to Creepy Library and Mack Bean, as well as fan “unfavourites”, such as Urban Legends.

Audience members will have the chance to confess their sins and take part in a Q&A session to “finally get an answer to their burning questions” from the Happy Hour gang.

“Get your tickets now, so Stevie doesn’t have to beg for his old job back flogging glasses to pensioners,” says the Happy Hour trio.

Jaackmaate, aka Jack Dean, is a Norwich-based YouTuber with 1.4 million subscribers. Posting on YouTube for more than a decade, he started the Happy Hour podcast in 2018. He is a presenter for his favourite football team, West Ham United, and is a keen poker player and an aficionado of soft-play areas.

Stevie White is a Twitch streamer and content creator signed to David Beckham’s esports company, Guild. After studying animation at university, he trained to be an optician, leaving in 2021 to work full time on Happy Hour and Twitch. He has a pet guinea pig called Martin.

Robbie Knox is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, producer, director and writer. He worked on Sky Sports’ flagship sports entertainment show Soccer AM from 2000 to  2007 before leaving to start his own production company.

He was the first goalkeeper to win a trophy at the new Wembley Stadium, when playing for a Soccer AM team, and once lived in a Canadian ski resort.