That’s Christmas stuffed. Kate Rusby’s carol concert at York Barbican barred by Covid

“The inevitable has happened,” says Kate Rusby, after the Covid Grinch ruled out her Christmas 2020 tour

THIS winter’s Kate Rusby At Christmas show at York Barbican on December 20 must now do Covid-enforced cold turkey for a year

Barnsley folk nightingale Kate’s South Yorkshire carol concert is re-scheduled for Sunday, December 19 2021 and tickets already bought will transfer to the new date.

A note on the Barbican website, not dissimilar to one posted by Kate with festive emojis galore on Twitter, states: “Well, the inevitable has happened, we have had to postpone our December tour until 2021. Stupid Coronavirus!! I hope you can join us then.

“In the meantime, Don’t Worry as we’re going to stream a full-length gig on Saturday 19th December this year, complete with sparkles, Sweet Bells, brass lads, daftness, dressing up, Ruby Reindeer and even an actual interval and everything! I’m looking forward to it sooooo much. Hope you can join us. Onwards and upwards.”

In August, Kate released her 14th album, Hand Me Down, a set of covers such as Manic Monday, Friday I’m In Love and Shake It Off,  completed at her home studio in lockdown with husband producer and musician Damien O’Kane.