Grouchy Ricky Gervais to call time on Armageddon at York Barbican, but when? Find out here before it’s too late…

ARMAGEDDON is coming to York on Tuesday, January 10 2023 at 7.30pm precisely.

It’s not the end of the world as we know it – and I feel fine – but the name of grouchy comedian, actor, screenwriter, director, singer, podcaster and awards ceremony host Ricky Gervais’s new tour show, booked into York Barbican for that night.

Tickets go on sale for Whitley wit Gervais’s return to York at 10am on Friday (16/12/2022) at, restricted to a maximum of six per person (and per household).

Should you not have been paying attention, Gervais, 61, is the creator, writer and star of The Office, Extras, Derek and two Netflix series of After Life. “I never doubted a comedy about a suicidal man whose wife dies of cancer could be anything other than hilarious,” he blogged of his latest hit.

In 2019, Gervais opened his SuperNature world tour at York Barbican on May 13, going on to play a second gig the following night, when taking a sceptical look at the absurdity of superstition, magic and all unsubstantiated beliefs, all leading to a celebratory conclusion that nature is already super enough.

Ricky Gervais: The face of Humanity at York Barbican in February 2017

On his previous York Barbican visit, on February 28 2017 on his Humanity tour, he high-tackled such taboo subjects as rape, death and terrorism, as well as nut allergies, on his Humanity tour.

Gervais’s nasal Estuary English comic delivery and disbelieving tone had earlier been aired in York on his Animals travels in 2002 and at two sold-out nights on his Politics tour at the Grand Opera House in April 2004.

What can be expected in Armageddon next March when Gervais puts the ‘barb’ into the Barbican?

The Guardian’s two-star review of this month’s “weak and boorish” show – ouch! – at the Apollo, Manchester suggests he will be ripping into “woke over-earnestness, the contradictions of modern political correctness and so-called cultural appropriation”, while “imagining how it all might end for our ‘one species of narcissistic ape’”. One scathing review in the Guardian? It’s not the end of the world, Ricky.

Did you know?

RICKY Gervais’s The Office is the most successful British comedy of all time, shown in more than 90 countries with seven remakes.

Too late! Update at 14.53pm, 16/12/2022

IT is the end of the world for non-ticket holders for Armageddon! Ricky Gervais’s January 10 gig at York Barbican and a hastily added January 11 show have both sold out today…in 27 minutes.