Podcast interview special: Heath Common on Kerouac Lives cabaret at Hebden Bridge

Heath Common: Podcast guest discusses Kerouac Lives

TWO Big Egos In A Small Car arts podcasters Graham Chalmers and Charles Hutchinson interview Heath Common, poet, publisher, journalist, presenter and musician, about his Kerouac Lives project.

As part of Independent Venues Week, this cabaret night will celebrate the life, work and impact of legendary Beat writer Jack Kerouac at Wadsworth Community Centre on February 4 at 7.45pm (doors, 6.45pm).

Heath Common will be joined by Simon Warner and John Hardie for an evening of conversation, key readings and a specially composed soundtrack to mark the centenary of the Massachusetts writer’s birth.

Kerouac Lives contends that Jack Kerouac is a voice like no other, transcending his era. “His works become a symbol of change in an increasingly conformist system, leading the iconic Beat movement,” the event blurb states.

“It also inspired the next generation of rebels for decades to come. He was a champion of freedom, individuality, and authenticity.” Tickets are selling fast on 07731 661053 and 07890 205890.

Episode 75 of Two Big Egos In A Small Car concludes with Chalmers & Hutch’s discussion on the impact of the freezing – and potential easing out – of the BBC licence fee.

To listen: head to: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1187561/9967773

The poster for Kerouac Lives