Comedian Chris McCausland rearranges Speaky Blinder tour gig at Selby Town Hall

On the move: New date for Chris McCausland’s Speaky Blinder show at Selby Town Hall

CHRIS McCausland is moving his Speaky Blinder show at Selby Town Hall for a second time.

Booked originally for November 14 2020, it was switched first to April 24 2021 but Lockdown 3 put paid to that gig too. Now, third time lucky, McCausland will play Selby on April 16 2022 as part of a 36-date tour.

“He’s blind. He’s a dad. He’s a husband. He’s third in command,” says his tour publicity. “He’ll ‘speaky’ about all of that, plus loads more nonsense in between.

“Chris McCausland is heading back out on tour, but don’t worry, he’s got somebody else doing the driving.”

McCausland has made his mark on such shows as Would I Lie To You?, Have I Got News For You, Live At The Apollo and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

“I’ve barely been more than a mile from my house since March 2020,” says McCausland. “So this national tour will now feel like the biggest adventure ever undertaken by a human being since Captain Scott set off to reach the South Pole.

“I can’t wait, though, and I don’t think my wife can wait for me to have a reason to leave the house either. It’s a stand-up show. I don’t sing or dance, I talk into a microphone and we all have a good night – and my wife gets some much-needed respite.”

In Speaky Blinder, McCausland promises humorous tales of the marathon birth from hell that he and his wife thought would never end; their experience of having to pay actual money to an eccentric lactation consultant (yes, that is a real job), and the central-heating battles that arise when a pasty white Scouser is married to a hot-blooded Brazilian woman.

McCausland’s stand-up show also will give an insight into life and parenthood in the dark, from his inevitable shortcomings as a husband who cannot do his share of the driving, to the farce of playing Hide and Seek when you can neither see where to hide nor locate where to seek.

Tickets remain valid for the revised 8pm show; further tickets are still available at £14 at