Folk singer Grace Petrie suits comedy in switch to stand-up for Butch Ado About Nothing at Pocklington Arts Centre

Grace Petrie: Converting to comedy

FOLK singer, lesbian humorist and checked-shirt collector Grace Petrie has been incorrectly called Sir every day of her adult life.

After finally running out of subjects for whiny songs, she is putting down her guitar to work out why in her debut stand-up show, Butch Ado About Nothing, bound for Pocklington Arts Centre on June 6.

In a bold departure from her musical roots, Grace is venturing into new territory on the comedy circuit. Finding herself in an age of incessantly and increasingly fraught gender politics, the Norwich-based Leicester native feels “both more exposed and less seen than ever” at 35.

“I wanted to see what happens if there’s no safety net of a guitar,” she told DIVA magazine. “It’s just me with nothing to hide behind.”

Despite Butch Ado About Nothing being her first stand-up show, Grace is no stranger to making people laugh. She has made regular appearances on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show and The Guilty Feminist podcast, performed alongside comedians Hannah Gadsby, Josie Long and Robin Ince and “long since earned a reputation as the folk scene’s funniest lesbian”.

Tickets for Grace’s 8pm show are on sale at 01759 301547 or