Idea of the day at the online York Festival of Ideas: Talk the walk in Foot Work, 1pm

Foot Work: A shoe-in for the York Festival of Ideas idea of the day

DO you ever think about what your shoes are doing to the world?

Let author Tansy E Hoskins do the thinking Foot Work for you at the 2020 stay-at-home York Festival of Ideas, now running online under the Virtual  Horizons umbrella.

From 1pm to 2pm this afternoon (June 6), Hoskins asks: Do you know where your shoes come from? Do you know where they go when you’re done with them?

These are the facts: in 2018, 66.3 million pairs of shoes were manufactured across the world every single day. “They have never been cheaper to buy, and we have never been more convinced that we need to buy them. Yet their cost to the planet has never been greater,” says the festival website.

“Find out why, if we don’t act fast, this humble household object will take us to the point of no return.”

Hoskins, author of Foot Work: What Your Shoes Are Doing To The World, will take online festival-goers deep into the heart of the industry, revealing how it is exploiting workers and deceiving consumers.

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