Idea of the day at the online York Festival of Ideas: Technologies for the Future – A Response from the Heart, 4pm, 7/6/2020

Technologies for the future: under discussion by Alice Courvoisier. Drawing by:: Jess Wallace

SCIENTIST Alice Courvoisier takes a hard look at technologies we surround ourselves with, discussing their impact on our lives, the environment and the lives of others, in this afternoon’s audio podcast.

Most importantly, in Technologies for the Future – A Response from the Heart, she asks: what would form a sound basis for ethical and responsible technological innovation?

“In a context where technologies are often imposed from the top down or by for-profit corporations without proper public scrutiny, I believe this question is relevant to everyone and should be reclaimed by the public sphere,” says Alice, who taught mathematics in the electronic engineering department at the University of York and is a keen storyteller too.

“At this time of extreme uncertainty and misinformation, I will argue that meaningful answers can only come from reconnecting with our hearts.”

Alice, who has taken part in every York Festival of Ideas since 2013, adds: “Please be aware that some of the content can be emotionally challenging as we address issues such as environmental justice, cultural and unconscious bias, and work to dismantle the Western narrative of linear progress.”

Alice Courvoisier

Admission to this podcast is free; access is via Alice’s blog at Booking is not required.

“I love the freedom of thought offered by the Festival Of Ideas: to approach a theme from the viewpoints of different disciplines,” says Alice.

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Did you know? Alice in numberland

Dr Alice Courvoisier taught a Lifelong Learning course on the History of Numbers at the University of York.