Idea of the day at the online York Festival of Ideas: The History Of Dance, a step-by-step talk, 7pm, 10/6/2020

Let’s dance…let’s talk about dance: Lottie Adcock, of Dance The Past, seeks to achieve a quick feat this evening in her History Of Dance talk

LOTTIE Adcock, of Dance The Past, sets herself the challenge of taking a whistle-stop tour through the history of dance in only 40 minutes in her online Festival of Ideas event this evening.

To do so, Lottie must cram more than 10,000 years of footwork, choreography and social etiquette into her terpsichorean talk: quick steps indeed.

The festival website invites you to “experience the history of dance spanning the periods from the 10th century to present day at this fun and informative talk.

“Perfect for anyone who’s ever wondered how the medieval peasantry let off steam; which moves Mr Darcy was busting out on the dance floor; or what on earth a Black Bottom Shuffle is.”

Lottie Adcock has been performing in historic dance groups for more than ten years. She formed the group Eboracum Early Dance and runs the YouTube channel Dance The Past.

Lottie covers Medieval, Tudor, Renaissance, Baroque, Regency (Jane Austen), Victorian and 1940s’ dances, highlighting dance from both court and country.

She provides teaching, public workshops, private events, private tutoring and bespoke workshops. For more information, visit the Dance The Past website,; follow Lottie on Twitter, @DancetheP;  Facebook, @dancethepast.

Admission is free for this evening’s talk, but booking is required at:

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