Rachel Croft’s sinister new single Weaver Bird flies in for autumn herald of new EP

The artwork for Rachel Croft’s new single, Weaver Bird

RACHEL Croft returns this autumn with suitably haunting new single Weaver Bird, a dark lullaby that beckons all who listen to stray far from the beaten path.

Her most intimate, immersive release to date, this enchanting, unsettling song is marked by a sparse, atmospheric arrangement as she offers the invitation to “explore the often-unquestioned expectations we are dealt out by society”, once again “drawing attention to how we opt to live our lives and if there’s something better out there for us”.

“In short, it’s the sister to my previous thunder-and-lightning single, Hurricane,” says Rachel, who relocated from York to London earlier this year.

“They’re about the same subject of escaping the beaten path, but they’re totally different! This one is a sinister lullaby. I think it’s a perfect soundtrack for this autumnal weather creeping in.”

Highlighting the theme of exploration and expression on Rachel’s soon-to-be-announced EP, Weaver Bird “pushes deeper into unexplored sonic territory than ever before, and there’s much more to come,” she promises. “The track is available everywhere for sale and for streaming at https://ffm.to/weaverbird.”

Last year, Rachel’s debut UP, Reap What You Sow, earned praise from New Noise magazine and was featured on the BBC and Netflix co-production Rebel Cheer Squad.