Sign of the times as Pocklington Arts Centre launches design rebrand for maximum impact on new journey

Pocklington Arts Centre’s new logo, designed by Red Bonsai

POCKLINGTON Arts Centre is introducing a new look to all design, print and soon its website too.

“The development of a contemporary, iconic logo responds to the need to engage new audiences and the demand for clarity and definition in a booming, fast-paced online experience,” says venue director Angela Stone.

After a thorough briefing and selection process, three design agencies were identified to “respond to the nuances of delivering a strong iconic presence that would honour the heritage and reputation of Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC), while appealing to new audiences unfamiliar with the respected and well-beloved East Yorkshire venue”.

Red Bonsai, a creative branding and graphic design studio based in Pocklington, were ultimately selected to develop their proposed concepts. “We were really pleased to be selected to work with the management team to rebrand this unique venue,” says creative director Ashley McGovern.

The poster for this week’s concert by Sabrina Francis with the new Pocklington Arts Centre logo

“I have always enjoyed and admired the arts centre, being a regular audience member. This distinctive venue brings some significant names to the East Riding, and with Pocklington also being our design studio’s hometown, we jumped at the chance.”

Ashley continues: “The new identity illustrates the flexibility and multi-purpose use of Pocklington Arts Centre. Picking up on historical references, we sought to characterise this in a simple gobo (a type of theatrical stage lighting) stencil-style graphic.

“The identity will be used throughout all marketing collateral, on all printed material, on the new website, social media, interiors, and the building fascia signage. We are now working on animated screen idents!

“The new branding is designed to engage with a broader audience. The fresh new look is aimed at ensuring the continued relevance and ambition of the arts centre.”

“We’re excited to welcome our patrons to join us on this exciting new journey,” says Pocklington Arts Centre venue director Angela Stone

PAC has committed to rolling out this new look over the coming months, with the latest What’s On posters and spring brochure out this week with a glimpse of the new design style and logo.

As part of its commitment to the environmental impact of print and paper wastage, distribution will be monitored carefully and reviewed regularly as PAC acknowledges a considerable uplift in online browsing and booking, but there will be a stock of brochures available to pick up during box office opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am to 4pm, Thursday, 10am to 5pm, and Saturday, 10am to 1pm.

Angela Stone says: “We are grateful to have received funding from ERYC Arts Development Fund to create refreshed brand guidelines that have been devised to deliver maximum impact using a design template, reducing our ongoing design costs and delivering a much more intuitive, user-friendly website experience.

“Watch this space for updates on how we will translate this clear design language throughout the building to improve directional signage and our intentions to create a flow from the outside of the building, through the foyer, into the box office and beyond! We’re excited to welcome our patrons to join us on this exciting new journey.”

For details of PAC’s spring programme, head to: