What was blues legend BB King’s favourite tipple on a night in Harrogate?

Wave goodbye to jilted Brexit festival, say hello to Unboxed festival’s alternative celebration of these Blighty/blighted isles

YORKSHIRE arts and culture podcasters Chalmers & Hutch reveal all about BB’s choice of thirst quencher in their latest wide-ranging episode of Two Big Egos In A Small Car.

Under discussion too are a ViP night watching Kristen Stewart’s Spencer with a string quartet at Cineworld, Jack Kerouac’s road to Hebden Bridge, and exit Brexit festival, enter Unboxed festival, but what is it?

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40 years on from Prince Charles and Diana’s first official York first, Cineworld hosts ViP screening of Spencer tonight

ViP screening of Spencer at Cineworld York tonight

FORTY years to the day since Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, made their first official visit to York, Cineworld York is hosting a special ViP screening of Spencer at 7pm tonight.

On November 12 1981, the Royal couple were greeted by thousands of well-wishers as they travelled through the streets in an open-top car.

Now, Cineworld is offering a “uniquely regal way” to experience Pablo Larrain’s biographical psychological drama, starring Kristen Stewart as Diana, in their premium ViP format.

ViP guests at Cineworld York will be “transported to Sandringham as they are given the Royal treatment with a meal prepared by a chef, unlimited snacks and luxury seats”.

To make this occasion extra special, the screening will include a free glass of champagne on entry and a string quartet in the VIP exclusive lounge.

To celebrate the release of Spencer, staff and customers at Cineworld York re-created the banquet from the film’s teaser trailer frame by frame. In the trailer, staff are seen preparing for a lavish feast at Sandringham, a process that the Cineworld York crew took off by swapping lobster for popcorn and carrying in hampers that replaced the royal crest with the Cineworld ViP logo. To watch it, head to Cineworld York’s Facebook page.

ViP is Cineworld’s luxury-screening format, available at five cinemas nationwide for selected films all year-round.

A ViP ticket at Cineworld York costs £31 and always includes: access to an exclusive lounge 45 minutes before the showing; complimentary dining prepared by a chef, with four courses, including desserts; unlimited cinema snacks such as popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and soft drinks, all included in the ticket price; an intimate screening room with luxurious recliner seats that come fitted with their own side table for snacks and drinks, and alcoholic beverages, available to purchase at the private ViP bar.

Nick Bashford, Cineworld York’s general manager, says: “Recreating the Spencer trailer was a fantastic experience and one that was thoroughly enjoyed by Cineworld staff and our ViP guests.

“We can’t wait for more guests to experience this unique way of enjoying Spencer for themselves. We host ViP screenings all year round but turning a part of our cinema into a portal to Sandringham is extra special. It’s not every day we have a string quartet at Cineworld!”

For bookings, go to cineworld.co.uk.

Today in brief…

Welcome back to City Screen, York

CITY Screen, York, and Cineworld, Monks Cross, re-opened today, but you will have to wear a mask from August 8. Mask up at museums and galleries from that date too.

The Government green light for indoor performances from August 1 went back to red, or maybe amber for a fortnight…although Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden’s decree for Stage Five of his road map for the full-scale re-opening of theatres may not be announced until November “at the earliest”. Clear as the Ouse mud.

Daisy Duke’s Drive-In Cinema parked up on Knavesmire on the hottest day of the summer…before thunder and lightning paid a visit tonight. That’s more like it.

British film-maker supreme Sir Alan Parker died at 76. Has there ever been a more diverse director? From Bugsy Malone to Birdy, Midnight Express to Mississippi Burning, Angel Heart to Angela’s Ashes. Yes, he loved a musical, Fame in 1980, The Commitments in 1991 and Evita in 1996, but it was always down to the way he told a story. RIP.

The End.

Here’s a potty idea for Valentine’s Day couples to mess around at Cineworld York

Happy Valentine’s Clay: time to mess around at Cineworld York

LOVERS going potty for each other on Valentine’s Day are invited to bond over romantic pottery classes at Cineworld York, Kathryn Avenue, Huntington, York, tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Clay can be enjoyed by dating duos who book for the 6pm ViP screening of Ghost on the 30th anniversary of the 1990 American movie.

This will be the chance for courting couples or pairs of just friends to channel their inner Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore by re-creating Ghost’s iconic pottery scene – soundtracked to The Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody, as in the film – in the exclusive ViP lounge before sitting down to a romantic three-course meal. Ticket holders will then watch Ghost in luxury reclining seats.

That moment in Ghost

Ghost’s pottery moment sees the shirtless Swayze’s Sam Wheat sitting behind Moore’s Molly Jensen as she carefully sculpts the wet clay. He reaches out and ruins her vase, so they begin a new one together, his hands interlaced with hers, before abandoning the wheel in favour of a loving embrace.

Those who want to avoid messy pottery-making a deux still can partake in the ViP Valentine’s Day screening experience in the intimate screening room, with access to the ViP Lounge private bar 45 minutes before the show and complimentary dining and unlimited nachos, hot dogs, popcorn and soft drinks, all included in the ticket price.

Ghost guests should arrive an hour before the 6pm screen time for their romantic pottery and dinner date.Tickets cost £32 at cineworld.com.vip.