Here’s a potty idea for Valentine’s Day couples to mess around at Cineworld York

Happy Valentine’s Clay: time to mess around at Cineworld York

LOVERS going potty for each other on Valentine’s Day are invited to bond over romantic pottery classes at Cineworld York, Kathryn Avenue, Huntington, York, tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Clay can be enjoyed by dating duos who book for the 6pm ViP screening of Ghost on the 30th anniversary of the 1990 American movie.

This will be the chance for courting couples or pairs of just friends to channel their inner Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore by re-creating Ghost’s iconic pottery scene – soundtracked to The Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody, as in the film – in the exclusive ViP lounge before sitting down to a romantic three-course meal. Ticket holders will then watch Ghost in luxury reclining seats.

That moment in Ghost

Ghost’s pottery moment sees the shirtless Swayze’s Sam Wheat sitting behind Moore’s Molly Jensen as she carefully sculpts the wet clay. He reaches out and ruins her vase, so they begin a new one together, his hands interlaced with hers, before abandoning the wheel in favour of a loving embrace.

Those who want to avoid messy pottery-making a deux still can partake in the ViP Valentine’s Day screening experience in the intimate screening room, with access to the ViP Lounge private bar 45 minutes before the show and complimentary dining and unlimited nachos, hot dogs, popcorn and soft drinks, all included in the ticket price.

Ghost guests should arrive an hour before the 6pm screen time for their romantic pottery and dinner date.Tickets cost £32 at