Uninvited Guests invite you to join Love Letters Straight From Your Heart via Zoom

Uninvited Guests in Love Letters Straight From Your Heart. Picture: Bewley Jonathan

UNINVITED Guests bring a “completely digital, wholly personal and wonderfully live experience” to the reopened Stephen Joseph Theatre, in Scarborough, this autumn.

Responding to “our desire for connection in an age of distance”, the Bristol company and Fuel co-present Love Letters Straight From Your Heart in very different performances for Zoom viewing on October 1 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

For each show, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart “invites the audience’s words to the stage, where they are given a new shape, look you straight in the eye and offer to dance with everyone in the [Zoom] room”.

In their signature performance style, Uninvited Guests blur distinctions between theatre and social gatherings, creating a performance from the audience’s song dedications and the stories attached to them. Those song dedications and stories are contributed by the audience in advance; details will be given at the time of booking a ticket.

“Every show is unique to its audience: their memories, their current and past loves or friendships, their emotions, laid bare for everyone to witness, acknowledge and support,” says Uninvited Guests’ director, Paul Clarke. “Dedications are spoken, toasts are made, speeches are given, songs are sung and dances are danced on your behalf and with you.”

As an antidote to isolation, you are invited to join Uninvited Guests online via Zoom as they raise their glasses to long-lost loves and latest lovers, to mums and dads, and to absent friends.

Performed by Jessica Hoffman and Richard Dufty, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart was originally a BAC Scratch and Arnolfini We Live Here commission, later commissioned by Leeds Met Studio Theatre too. Now, the digital performance has been co-commissioned by First Art.

Only 45 tickets will be sold for each show on October 1 “in order to maintain the intimacy and warm atmosphere of the performance”. However, any number of audience members can sit at each screen – within the rule of six, presumably – to watch the 60 to 75-minute show.

Tickets cost £10 at sjt.uk.com/whatson or on 01723 370541. The SJT box office is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 4pm, for both phone calls and in-person bookings.