Boo! Paranormal Research York dare you to join the Grand Opera House ghost hunt

All in a paranormal night’s work at the Grand Opera House, York. Ghost image: Syarafina Yusof / Unsplash; Grand Opera House photograph:

IN the week when Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s terrifying play Ghost Stories will be spooking out the Grand Opera House, now there is to be even more paranormal activity at the York theatre.

On March 12 and 13 at 10.30pm each night, Paranormal Research York (PRY) will lead The Ghost Hunt in a theatre lit only by the emergency lighting systems.

Those attending this after-dark theatre tour will be encouraged to participate throughout the interactive event, where PRY will employ assorted traditional methods, such as a human pendulum and divination activities, using crystals and divining rods.

Ghost hunters: the calling card for Paranormal Research York

A variety of technical equipment will be on hand for guests to try out, such as a “stick man” camera and gadgets that can detect spirit energies. In a nutshell, guests can be “as involved as they dare to be”.  

Paranormal Research York’s team of experienced and professional paranormal investigators from York have come together to investigate predominantly in “Britain’s most haunted city”.

Their work involves accessing a range of haunted locations in and around York and then researching their findings to go with the legends.

Parallel paranormal activities: Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s play Ghost Stories will be scaring all and sundry at the Grand Opera House in the same week as the late-night ghost hunts

Looking forward to conducting The Ghost Hunt in a building built in 1868, PRY’s Clare Bryant says: “We’re very excited to be hosting the first ever ghost hunt at this amazing, historical building. From our first walk around at the Grand Opera House, we could feel the spirits already coming forward.”

Kevin Spindloe, from PRY, adds: “Wow! Friday the 13th and we have the privilege to be investigating here. It’s so active here and the spirits seem keen to tell their own ghost stories. As a guest you can be involved in the activities or just watch. Either way you will experience an event like no other.”

The Ghost Hunt on Friday, March 13th has sold out – unlucky for some! – but tickets for March 12 and the Ghost Stories run from March 10 to 14 are on sale on 0844 871 3024 or at