Re-live The Seahorses’ rise and fall with Chris Helme as Two Big Egos podcast marks Do It Yourself’s 25th anniversary

Chris Helme: Frontman at the helm of The Seahorses from 1996 to 1999...alongside the guitar pyrotechnics of Stone Roses old boy John Squire

IN this special extended edition, Two Big Egos In A Small Car podcast duo Graham Chalmers and Charles Hutchinson interview York musician Chris Helme, co-founder of The Seahorses with Stone Roses guitarist John Squire.

As he marks 25 years since their debut, Do It Yourself, by revisiting the songs on a DIY solo acoustic tour, Chris spills the beans on his journey from busker to Glastonbury-playing frontman, Hollywood recording sessions with Tony Visconti, a top two album and a parting of the ways brought on by that familiar curse, musical differences.

Ahead of tonight’s gig at Pocklington Arts Centre, listen to Chris’s candid recollections at:

The artwork for The Seahorses’ album Do It Yourself