We’re All Doomed!…but not before Daniel Powell’s end-of-the-world tour hits York

Doomed: Comedian, writer, radio presenter and YouTube star Daniel Howell

DOOM’S day is booked for Friday, September 16 2022, when gloomy YouTube channel phenomenon Daniel Howell delivers his End Of The World Tour pronouncements at York Barbican.

Tickets for Howell’s darkly comic stage show We’re All Doomed! go on sale on the aptly apocalyptic, unlucky-for-some Friday the 13th from 10am at yorkbarbican.co.uk.

Who is Daniel Howell, you ask?  He has more than six million subscribers to his YouTube channel, and when announcing his comeback after a three-year hiatus, his accompanying video surpassed 1.5 million views in 24 hours.

We’re All Doomed! will find Howell “as stressed and depressingly dressed as ever” in a night of savage self-deprecation, soul-searching and over-sharing his deepest fears and desires, when he invites you to become part of a community of doomers sharing the final days as he “tours the world while it’s still here”.

The End Of The World is nigh but when? Take your pick on Daniel Howell’s tour

“When there’s so many apocalyptic scenarios threatening to destroy us, it might be tempting to give into the gloom,” his tour publicity machine spouts. “But with enough sarcasm, satire, and a desire to skewer everything that’s wrong with society, Daniel is determined to find some hope for humanity…or at least laugh like it’s the end of the world because it probably is.”

 Howell has expressed his outlook on life in books and an award-winning show on BBC Radio 1, while clocking up billions of views of his online content and performing high-concept comedy to 500,000 people in 18 countries.

He may make jokes at his own expense, but Howell has shared his serious struggles with his sexuality and mental health too, culminating in his Gay And Not Proud special and his chart-topping bestseller, You Will Get Through This Night, a no-nonsense guide to looking after your sanity, as well as being an ambassador for Stonewall and Young Minds.

Come September, We’re All Doomed! will “demand we honestly accept the fate of humanity with all the apocalypses threatening to consume us – and if we can’t find a reason to feel hopeful for the future, at least laugh like it’s the end of the world…because it probably is”. Even more so now than in the earlier sentence with exactly the same sentiment.

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